Party Hair Ideas

Party Hair Ideas

Hairstyles for Parties at Shapes Hairdressing Salons in Oadby & Birstall, Leicester

You’ve found the perfect dress and got the killer heels all you need now is the perfect party hairstyle to really stand out. At Shapes hairdressing salons in Leicester, our skilled team will suggest the best party hairstyles for you, taking into account your your hair length and texture, style of dress and personal taste.



No matter if you are looking for an elegant up do, relaxed half up half down style or big glamourous curls, our hairstyling experts have got you covered. Check out these party hairstyles to give you inspiration…

Party Hairstyles for Short Hair

Having short hair may feel like you miss out on creating a new look for your night out, but by changing your parting, adding a fringe or by popping in a hair accessory, can really change your look. Why not add a flash of hair colour to your natural hair shade or you could always fake it by adding hair extensions to your natural locks?

Party Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Soft waves and loose flowing tendrils look sexy and create an elegant yet modern look. Or if you want an all out glamourous party hairstyle opt for a big bouncy blow dry with large defined curls. 

Party Hair Up Styles & Ideas

Wearing your hair in an ‘up do’ remains a popular and stylish party look. From long, wavy hair to shorter, straighter styles, the experts at Shapes Hairdressers in Oadby & Birstall are sure to create a look you will love.

If an hair up hairstyle seems too formal for you, but you still want your hair worn off your face, go for a ‘half up half down’ style.  

Straight & Sleek Party Hair Styles 

Hair that is worn super straight and sleek creates the perfect party look. To achieve an on-trend poker straight hairstyle, chat to your Shapes Hairstylist about our Brazilian Blow Dry Service. A keratin hair treatment is a great way to reduce frizz and get permanently sleek, glossy results. 

Book Your Party Hairstyle at Shapes Hairdressing Salons in Oadby & Birstall, Leicester

It is always fun to experiment with your hair, and with this season’s hottest trends being so creative and versatile, now is a good as time as any to try a fabulous new hair style. Call our friendly team on 0800 756 5606 or 0116 218 2152 to book your next appointment.