Pixelated Hair Trend – Would You Dare?!

Pixelated Hair Trend — Would You Dare?!


Pixelated Hair is the latest trend… so would you dare try this quirky look?

At our hair salons in Leicester we pride ourselves on having the most advanced hair colour technology and staying ahead of the latest hair trends. The pixelated hair trend brings the virtual world to your hair in high definition. Are you brave enough to explore this whole new world … who knows where it may take you!

You can forget the Ombre look of 2014, the latest quirky colour trend, as the name suggests, is pixelated hair which involves having pixel style graphics coloured onto your locks! Digital inspired, colourful and completely new, say hello to pixelated hair. This innovative colouring process achieves a chromatic dimension and colour whilst playing with movement and transforming the texture in the appearance of the pixel effect.

That’s right all you hair dye junkies out there, you don’t have to wait to have groovy, futuristic hair, the future is now! So good news fellow humans, thanks to a new trick you can now dye your hair in pixelated colours.


Why get a normal haircut when you can make your hair look like a zoomed-in jpeg?

Hairstylists and colourists around the world have been quick to adopt the latest pixelated, computer screen-inspired look, so what are you waiting for? If you fancy your hair looking just like a computer screen, then this hair colour trend maybe for you.

Call and book your appointment at one of our Shapes Hair Salons in Leicester we dare you to give it a try!