Introducing NEW Olaplex – Insurance For Your Hair

Introducing NEW Olaplex — Insurance For Your Hair


Experience the MUST HAVE Celebrity Hair Colour Product of the Year “Olaplex” at Shapes Hairdressing, Leicester

Are you longing to change your hair colour, but scared of the potential damage to your locks?!

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Shapes Hairdressing’s Clare with Celebrity Hairdresser to the stars, Tracey Cunningham (left).

Fresh from the United States, we are VERY excited to be one of the first U.K Salons to bring you the ULTIMATE solution to hair damage and breakage from colouring. “OLAPLEX” is the secret weapon of celebrity colourists, and is available NOW at our hair salons in Leicester!!!!

Celebrity Colourists like Tracey Cunningham and Guy Tang are already convinced, and are using this fantastic new product on their clients already – including Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian and Gwyneth Paltrow to name but a few!

With this INCREDIBLE new product, you can go blonder and push the envelope further without compromising the integrity of your hair. From the photo shoot to the salon chair, our team of expert colourists are now set free from the fear of damaged hair!


How Does “Olaplex” Work?!

The product is simply added to the colour before application and develops its effect during the dyeing process . It acts as a binds, enhances and regenerates the hair structure permanently – so that any potential damage during the colouration process only can not arise!

The three-stage treatment can be combined with hair bleaches, tints and colours, and can also be applied as a simple treatment. It may all sound like the same old mumbo jumbo, but check out what top colourists are saying about Olaplex all over social media. As they say, the proof is in the pudding!!!

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