NEW Redken Heatcure for Damaged Hair

NEW Redken Heatcure for Damaged Hair

 Redken Heatcure Professional Restoration Service for Damaged Hair at Shapes Hairdressing Salons in Leicester

The Heatcure Professional in-salon service performed by your Stylist at Shapes Hairdressing restores the look and feel of damaged hair leading to restorative results that can last up to 10 washes.

redken heatcure shapes hair salons in Leicester

How Does Redken Heatcure Work?

The specialised formula penetrates deep through the hair’s cuticle up to the cortex whilst caring for it at the same time. The unique formula can only be activated when used in conjunction with the specifically designed tool. The care also continues at home with weekly Heatcure at-home Self-Heating Mask that can be self-applied in between services at our hair salons in Leicester .

What Hair Types Is Heatcure Professional Service Suitable For?


What Happens During A Heatcure Professional Service at Shapes Hairdressing?

During your service, your Shapes Hairdressing Stylist will apply the Heatcure Professional Restoration Formula to cleansed and towel-dry hair. They will then glide the Heatcure Professional Tool through your hair section by section to activate the formula and restore your hair. Your stylist can rinse your hair and style as usual when finished.

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Did you know?! After your appointment at our hair salons in Oadby and Birstall, the coordinated take-home Heatcure at-home Self-Heating Mask will deeply condition to help maintain hair’s healthy look and feel until your next appointment.