Redken Unveils New Styling Range – Available NOW at Shapes!

Redken Unveils New Styling Range — Available NOW at Shapes!

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Redken’s AMAZING New Styling Product Range Available NOW at Shapes Hairdressing, Leicester

Redken have unveiled a new line of fantastic styling products that combine the power of science with the desire for beautiful, healthy hair.

Redken PressThe collection, which consists of Braid Aid 03, Stay High 18, Short Sculpt 19, and Metal Fix 08, is inspired by the iconic runway hairstyles created by Redken’s creative consultant and global styling director, Guido Palau – and is available now at our hair salons in Leicester.

Guido is responsible for creating iconic runway hairstyles for Alexander Wang, McQueen, and Marc Jacobs. When creating the new Redken products, Guido had one thing in mind: to streamline the styling process, making it faster and easier to translate to “real girl street styles”.

Experience the New Redken Styling Collection below…

1. Braid Aid 03 – For Styling Braids & Twists Easily

Redken Braid AidBraid Aid 03 is a styling balm made specifically for braiding and twisting your hair – perfect for Spring/Summer styles. Applied to damp hair, the solution makes it easier to weave hair back and forth without getting strands tangled together.






2. Stay High 18 – For Ladies Lacking Volume

Redken Stay HighStay High 18 is a volumizing gel-mousse for women with fine hair and was inspired by toothpaste that goes from gel to foam. The root lifting technology turns from strong-hold gel into a mousse, providing both hold and lift without buildup.






3. Metal Fix 08 – For SUPER Shiny, Illuminous Hair

Redken Metal FixFinally, the most unique and fun product, Metal Fix 08 is a metallic liquid pomade that comes in silver and gold to create the illusion of highlights. Even on the dullest of days, your strands will shine like a beach bombshell!






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