Shapes Hairdressing’s Top Hair Tips

Shapes Hairdressing’s Top Hair Tips

Top 7 Hair Tips To Keep Your Hair Healthy!


1. How to help hair growth

  • Healthy diet and exercise( if you eat healthy on the inside it will show on the outside)
  • Massage scalp in the shower when conditioner is on, this stimulates blood flow and helps growth
  • Regular trims at Shapes Hairdressing
  • A good shampoo and conditioner (we highly recommend the Redken range)
  • Regular treatments at Shapes when you have your hair cut, repairing treatment which costs just £7.50 or an intense treatment for £12.50.

2. Straightener Addicts

Always separate into fine sections!!! Do one slow, but fluid movement on the hair, as this helps put less pressure on your locks and keeps a longer lasting finish.

3. Swimmers

As soon as you leave the pool apply shampoo straight away! (don’t rinse before, this helps prevent chlorine build up). We recommend cleansing cream range for swimmers.

20_CrownLights_Style_Gallery_454x5554. Dandruff Dilema

Put 2 table spoons of sugar in your first shampoo, this will help gently exfoliate flakes, without using harsh shampoos which strip the scalp. Rinse and do second shampoo, this is a perfect home remedy!

5. Oily Hair

Turn your water temperature to luke warm. Doing this when washing your hair closes down the follicle and stops the sebaceous gland over acting, (the sebaceous gland produces hair oils).

6. Quick root lift

Blast hair upside down on medium temperature until hair is completely dry, (also using the Redken body-full range will help with this).

Once dry, do the same but on cold temperature, this helps close the cuticle down and seals volume.

7. Extra nourishment at home

Apply your take home treatment as usual, place a shower cap on. Sit in the bath or relax somewhere. The heat from your head creates will intensify the treatment making it work that extra bit more!

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