Welcome to the ‘Breakfast Club’

Welcome to the ‘Breakfast Club’


We celebrate the launch of the all new ‘Breakfast Club’ at Shapes Hairdressing, Leicester…

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Welcome to The Breakfast Club at Shapes Hairdressing, Leicester, ladies & gents: What will YOU order?

At Shapes Hairdressing, we understand that sometimes, an early morning hairdressing appointment can often equate to an empty stomach. A hectic schedule can kick a  hearty Saturday morning breakfast to the curb, begrudgingly sacrificed for a ‘new do’ – but not any more!

We are VERY excited to announce the launch of our all new ‘Breakfast Club’ – where guests at our Leicester Hair Salon (with an 8am hairdressing appointment) will get a FREE continental breakfast!

Here, we take breakfast as seriously as we do your hair – so now you can have your trim with a side of toast, cut & colour with a cup of hot coffee, blow-dry with a buttery croissant…and everything else in between!

Book an appointment at The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club will be open every Saturday at 8am, and this elite service will be available by appointment only. Contact us on 0800 756 5606 for more information, or book an appointment at our hair salon in Leicester online here.