Specialist Hair Treatments


Specialist Hair Treatments available at Shapes Hairdressing, Leicester

Do you suffer with dry, damaged tresses?
Sick of fine, lifeless locks?
Seeking a little extra shine? 

Then look no further than the Specialist Treatment Menu at Shapes Hairdressing, Leicester! Our comprehensive range of hair treatments are tailored to your individual hair needs – including everything from dry and damaged hair, to those in need of an extreme volume boost.


Built on a strong foundation of protein and moisture, Redken Chemistry is a comprehensive system of products that provides customized services to treat and transform the appearance of all hair types.

Each service offers intense care through highly concentrated ingredients that act in synergy with a sealer. Through an array of in-salon services and coordinating take-home regimens, you will experience a dramatic improvement in the condition of your hair! Check out the top hair treatments available at our Leicester Hair Salon below;

Colour Me Up

Great for coloured hair in need of a boost. Upgrade to glossy locks for extra vibrancy

At home ritual: Colour Extend Range and Radiant 10

The Weekender

Get that glam look for the weekend to reach new heights with our bodyful treatments!

At home ritual: Bodyful range with Guts, Pureforce and quick tease

Relax & Rewind

Treat yourself to our tea tree treatment and facial massage, great for people who want fuller, thicker hair. The special massage helps to stimulate hair growth in time.

At home ritual: Intraforce

Hydrate Me

For people with dry,coarse hair in need of moisture. Upgrade to our double shot moisture shatter proof shine treatment for glossy looking locks.

At home ritual: All Soft Range and Argon oil

Blonde Idol/Lemonade Treatment

Become a Blonde Idol with our lemonade treatment to strengthen, protect and brighten your blonde.

At home ritual: Blonde Idol range

Damaged Hair

Using extreme intense treatment to strengthen the core of the hair. Great treatment for straightener addicts, hair up addicts and overly coloured hair. Upgrade to our extreme cocktail to strengthen, protect and add shine to colour

At home ritual: Extreme Range for maximum results

Summer Shine

Get your hair ready for summer with our summer shine treatments. Upgrade to our glossy locks for extra vibrancy with colours.

At home ritual: Diamond Oil range

Smooth Lock

For those battling humidity and want to stay smooth and sleek. Upgrade to glossy locks for extra shine

At home ritual: Smooth Lock range

Curly Wurly

For those battling humidity and want to stay smooth and sleek. Upgrade to glossy locks for extra shine

At home ritual: Smooth Lock range

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